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Red Sea Fish, Twin Digital Prints

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Digital Print  on Fabriano Accademia  Art Paper  200g Paper 

A5 x2

Original Drawing 2019

 .1  Red Sea Threadfin Butterflyfish, Chaetodon auriga

 .2 Red Sea Bannerfish, Heniochus intermedius

These are two individual species taken from a large original drawing called, 'The Arabian Tunnel', a homage to Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Deep within the chapters of the novel, the Nautilus passes into the Red Sea. The captives are unsure of Captain Nemo's intentions and ultimately see themselves at a dead end on the journey. Captain Nemo reassures the men that they will be in the Mediterranean sea by tomorrow, the secret is not to go around but under. There is a tunnel that he discovered after careful observation of seeing species of fish native to both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and realised there must be a connection. Together they dive deep to find the tunnel carrying them under the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean. Their adventures carry them further into the discovery of the forgotten city of Atlantis, the treacherous ice shelf and the deadly attack of the giant squid.

The original drawing consists of 15 fish from both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

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