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LOVE Print Collection

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 Collection of Digital Prints  on Fabriano Accademia  Art Paper  200g Paper 

A6 x5

Spreading love to all the precious humans in our lives, recognising that love comes in all shapes and sizes, layers of smooth intimacy, rolls of romance and warmth, deep wells for devotion and desire, endearment, protection, compassion, self-love, friends, family, partners….. 

Love is boundless, the list goes ever on in its tender purity. In times of separation and worry it is still there in its many shades, some more distant, quieter and softer than normal. But Love’s new frequencies are humming all over the place, just like the constant beat of the natural world surrounding around us.

Original Drawings

 ♥️ A pair of Fischer Lovebirds. 2020

They are a species that mates for life and are monogamous. They show affection to one another by nibbling each other's beaks which can look like kissing and ultimately has gifted them the name 'lovebird'

 ♥️ Pair of Otters, Ozma & Otto. 2020 

 ♥️ LOVE Print 2020

  ♥️ Lady Theara's Heart 2015

This print is a smaller version of the original drawing which was a part of the 'Small Beginnings' Solo Exhibition in London 2015

 ♥️ Penguin Proposal 2016

The male penguin searches the entire beach for the perfect pebble when he has found the female he wants to spend his life with. After he spots the perfect pebble, he picks it up and hobbles over to his beloved, placing the pebble at her feet. If she picks it up she is his.

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