The Insects of the Garden of Cursed Opals

From the top right clockwise:

The Diri

The most intelligent of beetles, renowned for their ability to listen into conversations and hoarders of secrets. Tucking their long antennas and feet into their bodies they take the form of the glistening Laborite stone, a perfect camouflage for going unnoticed. The only problem is that they are mute and communicate by drawing their words into the ground with intricate line patterns that can be quite troublesome for those who don’t want their secrets inscribed into the ground for all to see. 

The Punor

It is said that these creatures are the fallen kings from a time long past. They are constantly seeking to return to their human bodies, which can only be succeeded by with standing a strike of lighting.  In great storms, you can see towers of the Punor attempting to clamber up on top of each other to be the one to be struck first.  Their glistening bodies are encrusted with their fallen crowns and many like to seek refuge amongst the Porcelain city as a comfort to their long forgotten regal tides. 

 The Lungen Type 1

The Lungen mainly live in caves, their bodies illuminated by the quartz like bones that jut from their jelly skin. They are very sort after by Perpetuians as their shinning silky trails create exquisite cave paintings.  They are nicknamed the electric painters. Deep caves are covered in the slow paths of these creatures that are permanent in their idle movement, creating mazes of silken shapes in the darkest places of the world.

The Mallow

These creatures have deep green-banded bodies that are supported by very delicate sharp legs. They are famous for being very delicious and are pickled for a long period of time, due to the nature of their hard bodies to soften them for eating. They live with the fear of being eaten that many children keep them as pets. They act as innocent protectors and will sacrifice themselves in the wake of danger by shattering to pieces as a warning.

The Pyrit (winged)

The Pyrit are solidified particles of electricity that have remained in an attempt to mimic the burning moonlight. Their sharp cubic bodies seem very man-made in their perfected oddity. A lot of people mistake them for gold and attempt to fashion them into jewelry after coming back to discover their precious jewels have flown away.

The Bitan

The glass delicacy of their wings and soft wooly antennas can give these creatures such an innocent air that you would never suspect that they were capable of eating holes through rock walls and tree bark. The Bitan are a notorious nuisance to all homeowners in Perpetuia, though if tamed ladies like to adorn them as ornate headdresses. The wings are razor sharp and can slice the diamond shells of the Punor if desired. One will find allot of tools made from the broken wings of the Bitan

The Pyrit ( female)

The slightly bigger and fatter Pyrit females have the wings tucked under their golden shells. They are the lucky charms of many who hope to gain a maternal protection.

The Lungen Type 2

These are but a variation on the more ornate type also pictured.

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