The Beginning


From the belly of the Chaos came the unnamed Demiurge, a nothing, a segment of the Chaos. It separated itself in an attempt to awaken the Chaos and began to carve two beings out of the Chaos’s skin; the Whispers and the Nyx. The Whispers illuminated the first light onto the once darkened world and the Nyx mirrored its blackness that still remained. The Demiurge threw the two new beings below him in fear of waking the Chaos. The Whispers and Nyx brought life to each new blossoming thought that ignited their new souls. The Demiurge watched in joy at his creations and set out to build a land for his creatures. 

 However, the Whispers and Nyx unknown to the Demiurge’s careless fun had been taken from two different parts of the Chaos, which made their spirits indifferent to one another. They refused to settle as one and soon divided. Before the new world was able to fully breathe it became a plain of battle and rage. The two beings multiplied to ready themselves for war.  and the Demiurge looked on in horror. 

Whispers were blown to pieces, their splintered bodies scattered across the void like gleaming tears in the darkness. The raging feet of the warriors churned the land into a thick sludge that begun to leak out around them. Great chunks of matter were hurled, forming vast mounds and deep pits that the oozing stench seeped into. Uprooted tufts stood forgotten and sharp, the acidic pools steamed and great clouds rose and stuck in the higher edges of the world. 

No one speaks of how long this battle went on for but it is known that only the Whispers prevailed, laying waste to each and every  Nyx that existed amongst them.

With no darkness, the Whispers beamed so brightly that it reached the heights of the still sleeping Chaos. He awoke in anger and such malice that he burned a hole in the walls of existence and raged for the Demiurge to explain the destruction to his once pure and silent world. He begged for mercy and as he did so he wept four tears that fell down upon the world and sunk deep beneath the earth.

The Chaos descended to his ruined world and attempted to heal it. He softened the clouds and breathed colour into the Whispers scattered bodies turning them into stars. He poured some of their light into the churning liquid creating a vast ocean. Onwards he smoothed the mounds of matter into the earth and mountains. He cooled them with caps of ice and filled the crumpled and splintered earth with leaves of green. 

Lastly, he went to comfort the surviving, exhausted and troubled Whispers. He encouraged them to feed off the Nyx’s wasted bodies to ease their pain. In doing so the ones that began to feed turned into the first Knarls, giving back darkness and balance once more.

The Chaos sighed giving air to the world and bade them well before retreating to the trembling Demiurge. However, in the Chaos’s absence the melting hole had enveloped the Demiurge and thus the unsuspecting Chaos fell through too, leaving a white stain and lump hanging in the new sky.

This was the beginning of the new Whispers and Knarls who would build the first Porcelain City and welcome their fellow creatures from the freshly turned earth and sea. Together they would create the world of Perpetuia as we know it.

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