At the Rose Cottage Prince Sinan, keeper and ruler of clocks & Constance

He is the only living child of the great Apus who is forever frozen into the skies burning white and silent for all eternity. Constance was hatched in the clouds and fell to the ground below. He is the last son of the fabled Paradis flock who continuously soared the skies never resting, never stopping and never ever touching the ground below. To be eternally in flight was their law. Apus was the most beautiful and desired after a female in the flock. Each day she grew ever more inquisitive in character and wanted more than a life of monotony and perpetual direction, she sought a life as a grounding, to swim in the icy lakes and chatter amongst the woodlands below.

The feared wolves known as the Spearos were obsessed with the Paradis as they were untouchable to them. They howled to them each darkened month, their tantalizing call sending tremor’s through Apus’s frail and curious body. Each cycle they would sit upon the highest peaks of the Hopians Bane, calling and waiting to see if they could ensnare her. Their enchanting chorus took its toll and as her path fell too low one wolf caught her in his mouth. She shrieked in alarm and begged for help from her brothers and sisters but none would dare break their vows for her. She looked up at them circling ahead and felt so utterly alone, her heart froze and fell from her chest to the ground, lost under the churned earth.

In horror, the Whispers came down and banished them from the mountain peak carrying the broken Apus back with them. They set her body to rest within the quiet sky, cushioning her with stars and adorning her with light. They never thought to think of her egg, or lost heart that both lays lost in the world below.

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